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South Greenland Adventure

South Greenland Adventure

After a short flight from Reykjavik I arrived into Narsarsuaq on the Northern Shores of Eriksfjord. Narsarsuaq village is based around the airport, which was built in 1942 by the US Military, but now only Commercial jets land there and it is the main gateway to Southern Greenland. The airbase was used extensively during the Second World War providing a stepping stone for US planes on their way to Europe. It was also used by US Military during the Korean war. Today the village has a fluctuating population of between 130 and 160 inhabitants and facilities include a school, medical facilities, youth hostel and hotel including a restaurant and bar, a cafe, supermarket and a fascinating airport museum.

Narsarsuaq was also where I was going to join s/v Rembrandt van Rijn my sailing home for the next 7 days.

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Our guide Jordi welcomed us off the plane and we made our way straight to the ship in a convoy of minibus taxis. There were 27 of us on board a combination of nationalities from English to Swiss, Dutch and French. We were welcomed on board by John the Hotel Manager and after being introduced to the whole crew we sat down to the first of many amazing meals on board Rembrandt. After dinner our guides for the week, Jordi and Isabeau, gave us an overview of the weeks itinerary and I went to my cabin very excited for the days ahead. img_0470 img_0472