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Unartoq Fjord – Puiattukulooq Bay and Eriksfjord

Unartoq Fjord – Puiattukulooq Bay and Eriksfjord

We awake on Day 6 to clear blue skies with a few clouds hanging over the high mountains that surround our current location. After breakfast we head out in the Zodiacs to the rocky coast. The waters are calm and they perfectly mirror the landscape of peaks, valleys, cliffs and icebergs.


We land between the spectacular valleys of Narsarsuup Qaava and Akuliarusesuaq. As soon as we land we begin walking on this amazing landscape – trying to avoid the hundreds and thousands of mosquitoes that frequent this area. Luckily I had been pre-warned before I left the UK that mosquitoes could be a problem so I was sporting a rather fetching mosquito hat, which was quite possibly one of the best things I’ve ever purchased for travelling. Whilst others struggled with mosquitoes in their eyes and mouth I was able to walk freely with no mosquito distractions.

Today’s hike was under the imposing presence of the Innap Qaava Ridge,








The terrain was rocky, steep and quite difficult to navigate. The two guides decided to do two hikes an easy and a difficult one. I decided to stick with the easier route as it allowed more time to stop and admire the unique scenery and landscape surrounding us.

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After a couple of hours we return to the rocky beach and take the zodiacs back to Rembrandt. As soon as we are all back on board the Captain raises the anchor and we start our way back North returning to our origional destination of Eriksfjord. The distance that we need to cover is just over 100 nautical miles. For the first time we head out into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and sail along at a rapid speed. The afternoon on board was filled with many activities. Johnny the Hotel Manager opened up the “Ship Shop” where we could purchase some Rembrandt memorabilia. Jordi gave a very interesting lecture on the Polar Ecosystems, which gave us all a greater understanding of where we had been sailing over the past week.

Just before dinner the call came over the intercom that a Minke Whale had been spotted. We all rushed to grab our cameras and coats and headed up on deck where we jostled to get the best vantage points. In the distance several big blows could be seen, which turned out to be 3 groups of Fin Whales with each group containing 5 0r 6 whales. We approached the Fin Whales and soon the ship is surrounded. For what seemed like minutes but was in fact nearly two hours we stood on deck watching and admiring these amazing animals in their natural habitat. It was definitely the highlight of the tour.

After dinner Isabeau gave us a fascinating talk on Norse History in preparation for tomorrow’s visit to Brattalid, home of Eric the Red.